The importance of cleaning Z-Scale Track

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Dirty track is one of the plagues of small-scale railroading, and there's simply no way around it. The smaller the scale, the more easily dirt and corrosion can impede electrical conductivity between the rails and the locomotive wheels. Obstructions, such as ballast and bits of scenery, also need to be routinely vacuumed or brushed away.

The accumulation of dirt and corrosion is an ongoing process, thus is the necessity to clean track. Laziness, as much as necessity, is the mother of invention, so I present a few ways of cleaning Z-scale track.

Nearly all electrical contact between the locomotive wheels and the rails takes place on the tops of the rails, not the sides - luckily, that's the easiest place to clean. Now, there are several types of "dirt" that concern us:

* Dust and other particles as a result of cutting, grinding, or sanding other parts of your layout. The best way to deal with this is to vacuum all your cleaningtraintrack routinely, especially after you've just done some cutting. Dust not only causes problems with electrical contact, but can get inside of your engines and stick to the grease on the gears, significantly decreasing performance. I got an Emerson 'Stinger' wet/dry shop vacuum for about thirty bucks at a local hardware store, a purchase I consider a bargain (they've also got them at Home Depot). For another ten dollars, I also got a set of tiny, 1/2" attachments (Micro-Mark 81064), which are perfect for this type of application.

* Grime -- a sludge made up of oil and dirt -- seems to build up quickly on Z-scale rails, and regardless of the traffic any particular track sees. This is the most insidious, as it has the greatest detrimental effect on electrical pickup, and isn't affected by vacuuming.

* Rust and other corrosion is more common with older track - stuff you may of purchased used on eBay, inherited from a relative, or stored in your basement for 20 years. This isn't as common as the other types and certainly doesn't have to be dealt with as often, but it can still cause conductivity problems, despite the prototypical appearance. The same methods that eliminate grime buildup will also handle corrosion.

Items to use to clean the track:

  • Abrasive Track Cleaners
  • Chemical Track Cleaners
  • Electronic Track Cleaners
  • Rolling Stock Track Cleaners

The importance of cleaning Z Scale Track

Parent's Medication - Keep Track Of It

“Old people will need a lot of pills.”

One day, the grandson of the granddad observed that his granddad needed a lot of pills. The observation might have been crude, but certainly is a right observation. In reality, we find the senior citizens take a lot of medication and pills everyday. The medications will be so varied that it could be difficult to keep track of it. That is exactly why the aging people possess a dispenser kit where they keep their medicines for a whole week in a systematic order.

More than the type of medication concerned, medicine interaction with the body is important. If you see your parent taking five or six pills or even more pills at a time, the interaction of these medicines with the body might conflict with one another. Medicine if taken in a higher scale becomes an overdose and senior citizens more often find themselves in such a case. They will be prescribed with many medicines from various places and at the end it might not have an effect in the treatment. Consuming alcohol or the country drugs can cause explosive effects on the body.

It is your responsibility as a caregiver to ensure that your parent, be it mom or dad, does not consume country drugs or alcohol. Any drug related reaction can lead to hospitalization and sometimes could be even fatal.

When it comes to managing a parent’s medications, knowledge is bliss. Being ignorant about all the medications can cause deep trouble. The pharmacist or the doctor is your key people in case you have any doubts over the medicines your parent is consuming. If you end up getting different prescriptions from different doctors, the body might not respond to the medicines. Each medicine conflicts in the body leading to no cure. So make sure only one doctor is in charge of your parent’s health. Interact with your doctor to know why the medicines are actually taken and whether it would have any adverse effect on your parent.

A pharmacist can provide the same help as your doctor. Pharmacist is the one who is trained to understand the work of these drugs. Similarly, it is better to choose one pharmacist and stick with him. You can enquire all about the drugs your parents are consuming and also ask him for timely advices. A pharmacist will know what the drugs exactly do to a person’s body and how the body might react to it.

Be it the doctor or pharmacist causing problems for your parent, the next important thing is to make sure your parents have the right medicine at he right time at home. Taking medicines at the wrong time can cause potential problems which can damage the body of the elder. Mark the bottles accordingly so that there is no confusion while having the medicines. Keep it simple for your parents if they have to have the medicines on their own.

Prepare a good and legible timetable for your parent. Buy multicolored bottles in order to store the medicine. Name the bottles cleanly and neatly. The timetable should be prepared in such a way that the parent can easily identify the bottle and consume the medicine. For example, you can have the schedule saying “4 p.m. take 3 from black bottle, 2 from yellow bottle and 1 from red bottle.” This can help them a lot and prevent confusion. Make it so clear that there will be no room for misunderstanding.

Keeping track of the expiry dates of the medicines is very vital. Use online reorder services and pharmacies to save a lot of money. They can provide you with generic equivalent of the prescription drugs. Also it is important that you buy the medicines from the right dealer.

By supervising your parent on these medications, you are literally the brain of the whole operation. Your parent, be it mom or dad, may not have that good an eyesight or can be mentally fatigued so you have to absolutely be on top of them to take care of them. Make sure you are always there next to them providing them the necessary medicines at the right time.

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Abhishek successfully runs an Old Age Home and he has got some great Eldercare Secrets up his sleeves! Download his FREE 80 Pages Ebook, "How To Take Great Care Of Elders" from his website . Only limited Free Copies available.

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The importance of cleaning Z-Scale Track

The importance of cleaning Z-Scale Track

Dirty track is one of the plagues of small-scale railroading, ...

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